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Capri length leggings, mid to high rise. Comes in three different styles...for now <3 

Please email me if you need sizes not listed on here c: 


“I practiced for many years the exercise of recapturing that epiphanic moment, and I would always find again the same plenitude. I would slip into it as into a fragment of time devoid of duration—without beginning, middle, or end. Imagination is lessening the tremendous plague. Every night before I fall asleep I stare at my favorite painting”

Leggings Red Swirl...

  • <3

    I made most of these drawings last+this year. Thank you for loving them. Email me if an item you'd like is out of stock ~

      s m l
    w 26.75 28  31.5
    h 37 38  41.75


    +Smooth and comfy microfiber yarn. 

    +82% polyester/18% spandex.

    +Machine washable.

    +Keep in mind legging is stretchy~~

    +Contact with rough surfaces and velcro fasteners can pull out the fibers in the fabric